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Free + Shipping Funnel
Live Event Funnel
Live Event Funnel
Free + Shipping Funnel
Service Based Funnel
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We are Integrator and Co

Joel Louis, 
Integrator in Chief

is the founder of Integrator and Co. He wasn't always the kick-ass entrepreneur he is today. Joel was a corporate ladder man, successfully climbing from equipment tech to equipment manager at Intel Corp. in Hudson, Massachusetts, all the while attaining a degree in electrical/computer engineering. In 2014, Joel decided to merge his love of being a dad and entrepreneurship with a podcast called Startup Dad Headquarters. In 2016, it finally all came together, by 2017 Integrator and Co. grew to a 6-figure business.

Melinda Evans, 
Chief Geek

With decades of experience in the computer field as an engineer, coder, admin, etc, Melinda is hands on in every part of the customer-facing aspect of our funnels. Melinda has a Bachelors in Design and loves building things. The need to combine the disciplines of art and engineering to build a great funnel makes this her dream job.

Casey Alexis, 
Project Administrator

is an accomplished, dedicated, and highly motivated professional with years of experience supporting, creating and implementing best practices. Casey holds an associates degree in Business Administration and a bachelors in History. Casey resides in Georgia with her husband and two daughters.

Coulter Benner, 
The Techie

Is a new addition to the Digital Marketing world, but has 11 years of experience as a Communications expert in the U.S Army. Using the troubleshooting and multitasking skills honed in the Army, Coulter handles the back end automation and systems that make our clients marketing work. Coulter is working on his Degree in Cyber security

Nicole Gaspard, 
Financial Guru

Nicole is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a passion for helping others understand the financial activities that affect them. Having gained extensive knowledge in Corporate America for 16+ years she decided to pursue her dream of really making a difference by founding Gaspard Tovar Consulting LLC, a NJ public accounting firm. She works to help individuals, business owners and non profits manage their finances so they can focus on their business. She resides in New Jersey with her husband and 4 children.

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